Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm ММТ-715

Insulin pump Paradigm MMT-715 is designed for dosing the insulin to maintain optimum blood glucose in patients suffering from diabetes and requiring insulin therapy. Paradigm MMT-715 calculates the required number of bolus insulin delivery, due to the presence in them Bolus Wizard.
Bolus (Bolus Wizard) - the program automatically calculate the dose of insulin required for meals and for correction of blood glucose.
A variety of basal and bolus options enables you to customize the administration of insulin in accordance with your needs. You can also program the special reminders that prompt you that it is time to make a bolus (injection) or measure the level of glucose in the blood. On the screen, there are indicators that show low or high blood glucose level at a time when the insulin pump receives the results of blood glucose measurements, the patient entered a meter.
Easy navigation
The minimum basal rate is 0.05 U / hr.
Simple instructions.
Integrated detector active insulin.
Built-in calculator bolus doses