October 2 - World Cerebral Palsy Day

Cerebral palsy is the most common cause of childhood disability. According to experts, approximately 17 million people worldwide suffer from cerebral palsy.
As a rule, problems associated with impaired functioning of the musculoskeletal system and patients have difficulty in moving. Medical interventions always help improve patient mobility.
One of such operations is “posterior selective rhizotomy,” which was also introduced in Uzbekistan.

The specialists of the Republican Scientific Center of Neurosurgery were the first, who introduced this technology. The essence of the operation is the intersection of the sensitive roots of the spinal cord involved in the pathological process. Surgical intervention is carried out under the control of special medical equipment that allows you to control the performance of nerve tissues and muscles.

The first patient was a nine-year-old boy Kamoliddin. The operation was successful. Doctors managed to improve the quality of the patient’s gait and its cosmetic properties, eliminate a large number of anomalies frolic due to cerebral palsy.
According to doctors, such an operation can be carried out immediately after establishing direct indications for such treatment. Reported by https://podrobno.uz
On World cerebral palsy day, ordinary people and various organizations from around the world try to do everything what can change the world of people with cerebral palsy for the better.
Especially for the day of cerebral palsy, a special project called "Dobroshrift" was created in Russia
33 children with cerebral palsy wrote one letter by letter, and professional designers put them together in a unique font. This action has already been supported by the largest brands and companies that will use this font today: Rosbank, Megafon, Beeline, Ebay, Mir, Utkonos, Okko, Delimobil, Goods, hh, AliExpress, iber, OK and many others.
More than 300 Russian and world brands have changed logos and fonts in their communications to Dobroshift. More than 100 bloggers and stars donned hoodies with unique inscriptions, which were written the font made by children with cerebral palsy.
All this allowed to attract a huge audience to the problems of children with cerebral palsy, to talk about this disease, and most importantly - to help! https://podarokangelu.com/rea
After all, everything is in our hands and the hands of the people around us ...