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About us

The involvement of Uzbekistan in globalization processes has led to the formation of a modern and efficient system of public healthcare organizations. The introduction of innovative medical technologies has allowed to step to a new and improved high-tech medical care.

MEDOL Group of companies (FE Medical Online Services LLC) has been established by group of specialists with medical, engineering and economic background who have been working in the market of medical technologies of CIS countries since 1992. The Legal Entity of MEDOL in Uzbekistan market has been registered in the form of a limited liability company "Medical Online Services" in 2011. Today our company is an official distributor and the partner of the world renown companies, leaders in the field high medical technologies, manufacturers of medical equipment and devices, such as Johnson & Johnson, Aesculap/BBraun Group, Getinge, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Radiometer, BD, Teleflex, Medtronic and other famous companies. Dynamically developing company aims to bring higher medical innovations in development and modernization of the healthcare system of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


To extend the years of life of patients, improve the quality of life through the introduction of leading innovation in medicine, to relieve the pain by implementing the most advanced technologies.


To be a partner of the government health care system, to cooperate with medical institutions, to support and help to professional development of medical personnel, to search for new opportunities of treatment of various diseases for preserving or improvement of quality of life of the patient. These are the most important tasks of our company.


Our aim is to build transparent long-term business, to benefit our society by helping to the medical community in introduction and localization of higher medical technologies. By implementation of innovative technologies in Uzbekistan, we have the opportunity to help even more patients to live a full and joyful life. We strive to understand the needs and offer innovative, effective solutions on the their basis . Ours enthusiasm and commitment to work, competence and professionalism will help us in implementation of solutions to a difficult task - to increase the quality of life of the patients, to make the world more innovative and better, with deeper meaning, to make lives brighter.

Principles of the company:

- Integrity, openness, justice in daily work,  desire and persistence in aspiration to an effective objective are the basis of moral and ethical principles of our company. It is important to be open and sincere in communication with interested parties, to strive to resolve all doubts, and to help in achievement of desired results.

- Our employees respect ethical standards in all aspects of our activities, perform the work with highest standards of quality and honesty, respect the provisions of the current legislation and regulations, following the principles of humanity and decency.

- In the implementation of innovations, we carefully work on studying of this product, revealing a set of the nuances connected with technology of application, compliance of the price and product quality, a demand in the market and coefficient of positive result during use of this technology.

- An integral condition in introduction  of technologies is to have a professional approach in training of specialists of health sector. We work actively on the organization of trainings, master classes, and  long-term training programs. Also we facilitate the exchange of experiences with the world’s leading clinics in obtaining the highest quality results in using of our technologies. Consulting and teamwork continue at all stages of introduction of technologies.

- We follow all requirements of the legal standards applicable to implementation of innovative technologies.

- We provide high-quality warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment.

Following these principles, we will be able to build trustful, long-term and fruitful relationships with our partners, customers, gain respect in our society and  care about health of the people.